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  • Acoustic Guitar Bracelet (H)
  • Acoustic Guitar Bracelet (H)
  • Acoustic Guitar Bracelet (H)


Acoustic Guitar Bracelet (H)

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When going to the beach with your friends, acoustic guitar has always been a popular item bringing along the trip. Guitar is also a symbol of relaxation that hipster loves. Just by looking at the guitar, you could imagine a good time you had or about to have with your gang. 
Summer is fun! so why being serious all the time? Let's add up your liveliness by wearing acoustic guitar bracelet. Trust us, a little more lively detail can prettier your look. Not only the guitar that suit summer, but also blue sand stones that are used to make the bracelet. We are inspired by the sparkle inside the stone. The more you look into the stone, the more you are going to fall in love with them. Not only its charm that we fall in love with, but also a good meaning of blue sand stone wishing the owner for good luck in money
Bracelets collection is combined of turquoise, blue sand stones, and pearl. You can wear them one at a time to get a classy look, or you can add a bit of fun by wearing them all together to get more hipster look. Choose your style and wear them this summer. It's time you shine ladies!

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