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  • Part Of That Shell Earrings
  • Part Of That Shell Earrings
  • Part Of That Shell Earrings


Part Of That Shell Earrings

1,750.00 ฿



A Part Of That Shell Earrings is inspired by some part in a shell that it's beautiful and unique. Shell reminds us that every passing life leaves something beautiful behind. To be a beautiful women that people adore, it is not all about how you look. But it’s also about what you’ve done for others and society.
So ladies, no matter role are you playing, working women, housewife, or even when you are a traveler, please keep in mind to be nice and be kind. The world is a better place because of us. Light up people and society around you and leave a be a precious one.
Product Summary
 - 925 Sterling Silver
- Hand Finishing
- Rhodium Plated
- Nickel Free


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