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  • Cactus Flowers Earrings with Cuff
  • Cactus Flowers Earrings with Cuff


Cactus Flowers Earrings with Cuff

1,250.00 ฿



Among the toughest desert where everywhere is so arid, there’s still a lively beauty blooming from the top of the cactus. Isn’t it amazing how they bloom from the plant that even its leaves are so thin like a pin. This sweetness happening in a toughest condition is truly a unique beauty. 
So Mizuchol would love to use that beauty as an inspiration and present to you in this collection with Cactus Flowers Earrings with Cuff
Today is tough. Working in tough. Relationship is tough.
But just remember that the sweetness inside you could lighten up the tough world.
So make it lively ladies.
We are bloomed for that : )
Product Summary
 - 925 Sterling Silver
- Sandling Texture
- Rhodium & 18K Genuine Gold Plated
- Nickel Free

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