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  • I'm Still A Rose Earrings (Silver)
  • I'm Still A Rose Earrings (Silver)
  • I'm Still A Rose Earrings (Silver)


I'm Still A Rose Earrings (Silver)

890.00 ฿



Roses are a queen of all flowers. Its elegance is well-known. Even with thorn, people are obsessively crave for roses. Sometimes, when things are easily gotten, you will not see the beauty and values as much as a tough one. That’s why roses are precious and has been forever known as a sign of elegance.

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. Even roses are falling, just one petal is enough to reveal its elegance. That’s a true meaning of beauty.

As a ladies, we shall see roses as a the best example of beauty. Every part is beautiful. So rethink about how do we define beauty. When time passes by and you are getting old, will you still be adorable in someone’s eyes. If you are, well… that’s the time when you call yourself an elegant women.
So be kind, do good, keep your standard high, and wear I'm Still A Rose Earrings. Make yourself worth it ladies.


Product Summary
 - 925 Sterling Silver
- Hand Finishing
- Rhodium and 18K Genuine Pink Gold Plated
- Nickel Free

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