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  • Little Change Set (Pink Gold)
  • Little Change Set (Pink Gold)
  • Little Change Set (Pink Gold)
  • Little Change Set (Pink Gold)


Little Change Set (Pink Gold)

1,500.00 ฿



Imagine if worms have a right to choose, i believe most of them would choose to be what they currently are, a worm. However, they don't have a chance and glad for them! Because that change is beautiful. 

In my opinion, may be it's great if we don't have a choice to choose. Because when there's a choice, you would choose the one that you feel comfortable with. Do the same, be the same, but ask for changes, you know that it would never be happened. So be brave, don't wait for chances, and just go for it.
a good begin is waiting!

Product Summary
 - 925 Sterling Silver
- Hand Finishing
- 18K Genuiene Pink Gold Plated
- Nickel Free

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