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  • Marble in Rome Necklace (Two Tone)
  • Marble in Rome Necklace (Two Tone)
  • Marble in Rome Necklace (Two Tone)


Marble in Rome Necklace (Two Tone)

1,250.00 ฿



Made as old as time
Glam as it can be
Never as the same
Beauty of all time
The above poem is just a right description for this gorgeous stone, “marble”. Mizuchol believes that it’s a stone full of values and beauty that has been building up through out time. The more mature, the more sophisticated. Don’t you feel a little familiar with our life ladies :P
So the marble is an inspiration but Hawlite stone will be used as the main material to represent those sophisticated texture and pattern.
Let this  Marble in Rome Necklace (Two Tone) complete your look
It’s time to be the strong yet sophisticated ladies !
Product Summary
 - 925 Sterling Silver
- Well Polished Texture
- Genuine 18K Gold Plated
- Hawlite Stone
- Nickel Free

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