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  • Milleporina Coral Ring (H)
  • Milleporina Coral Ring (H)


Milleporina Coral Ring (H)

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Another secret under the ocean, a fire coral. Milleporina Coral is beautiful with its delicate branches but dangerous as it's filled up with poison. No one would be hurt unless the coral is hurt. Mizuchol inspires ladies to live a life like Milleporina Coral!
Beauty can cause ladies in danger. So beautiful is not enough, great women must be able to take care of herself, then we would call her "a charming woman", a woman who is beautiful and could be dangerous at the same time. No more innocent girl, step up! and be a charming woman like Milleporina Coral.
The ring is suitable for summer vacation and also working occasion (to add up your professional look)
Product description
- Sterling Silver 925

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