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Shades of Cactus Ring

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    Sun is shining.
    Flowers are blooming.
    Cactus is doing its job, standing together, making us wonder what a perfect OASIS. Noon pasts by and now the sun is shining on the cactus leaving a very unique kind of shadow.
    This unique but beautiful shadow became our inspiration of designing Shades of Cactus Ring.
    Nothing can represent those shadow better than a Black Rutile Quarts.
    So ladies, let's wear one and may this Shades of Cactus ring remind us to be unique and beautiful this summer.
    We are “one of a kind”
    Product Summary
     - 925 Sterling Silver
    - Well Polished Texture
    - Rhodium Plated
    - Black Rutile Quartz & Smoky Quartz
    - Nickel Free