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A Part of Dreamcatcher Bracelet - Turquoise

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    To all dreamer, it would be a lie to say we always have a good dream and we fear no bad one. However, we still dare to dream! And Mizuchol adores all dreamers.
    In this set, Mizuchol presents to you a design inspired by a part of a dreamcatcher, feather. The softness and lightness allows feather to fly freely in the air. And that’s the ultimate goal to a dreamer, to have an ability to dream fearlessly and freely.
    Mizuchol wish that by wearing A Part of Dreamcatcher Bracelet, you’ll be inspired to dream more freely and be faithful to your dream.
    Let’s be a dreamer ladies
    Product Description

    - Sterling Silver 925
    - Nickel Free (for sensitive skin)
    -  Rhodium Plated
    - Genuine Turquoise from Arizona, USA