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  • Twinkle Little Star Necklace (RD)
  • Twinkle Little Star Necklace (RD)


Twinkle Little Star Necklace (RD)

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Hello Winter, here you are again. Do you know that the sky is clearer and the stars are brighter in every of your visit. Thank you for giving us a sparkly night on your winter day.
Ladies, in this set,
Mizuchol presents to you Twinkle Little Star Necklace (RD). We hope that you can wear one and make a wish upon your stars.
Perhaps, this year you might have a cuddling moment with your love watching stars and warming the night through!

Good Luck & Make a wish
Product Description
- Sterling Silver 925
- Nickel Free (for sensitive skin)
- Rhodium Plated
Well Polished Texture

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